While the rest of us poor schmucks are stuck working on this Monday, Kiss and a sold-out boat full of their fans are sailing the high seas on the sixth annual Kiss Kruise.

The band is recreating its Creatures of the Night tour on this year's cruise, which is named Creatures of the Deep in honor of that 1982 album. As you can see from the photos above, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer wore replicas of the costumes used on that 10th anniversary tour.

(In the name of total nerd-dom, it should be noted that Thayer and Singer remained in their traditional Spaceman and Cat makeup designs rather than wearing the Ankh Warrior and Fox designs used by Vinnie Vincent and Eric Carr, who had replaced original members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss by the time of the original Creatures of the Night tour. Yes, we will go back to not getting laid now.)

Kiss also brought back their 1982 tank-cannon stage set for this cruise, although in the name of nautical safety, it now shoots confetti instead of pyrotechnics. They performed two Creatures songs that haven't been played live in more than 30 years – "Keep Me Comin'" and "Rock and Roll Hell" –  and also shared the live debut of "Wouldn't You Like to Know Me" from Stanley's 1978 solo album.

The set list stayed pretty close to a typical show on the original 1982 tour, although "I Want You" and "I Still Love You" were absent at least on the first of the cruise's two shows. There's no video to be found online from this show as of yet, presumably because wi-fi uploads are a costly and time-consuming experience on the high seas.

Kiss also broke from tradition by playing an electric rather than acoustic show on the first night of the cruise, digging out a number of rarely heard songs, including the Hotter Than Hell gems "Mainline" and "All the Way."

Kiss 11/6/2016 Creatures of the Deep Set List
"Creatures of the Night"
"Keep Me Comin'"
"Detroit Rock City"
"Calling Dr. Love"
"Wouldn't You Like to Know Me"
"I Love It Loud"
"Rock and Roll Hell"
"Cold Gin"
"Hotter Than Hell"
"War Machine"
"Love Gun"
"God of Thunder"
"Shout it Out Loud"
"Black Diamond"
"Rock and Roll All Nite"

Kiss Kruise 11/4/2016 Unmasked Electric Sail Away Show Set List
"I Stole Your Love"
"Plaster Caster"
"Take Me""Nothin' to Lose"
"Hide Your Heart"
"Watchin' You"
"Hotter Than Hell"
"A World Without Heroes"
"Shock Me"
"Got to Choose"
"Christine Sixteen"
"C'mon and Love Me"
"All the Way"
"Goin' Blind"
"Love Her All I Can"
"Shout it Out Loud"

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