It seems like there are more and more stories about fewer high schoolers participating in football these days. Well, at least not like they used to.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, county schools in Marion County, California were petitioning authorities to stop funding high school football, due to a lack of interest on the students part.

A survey conducted and released by the California Interscholastic Federation found that over all high school sports participation decreased by 3.12-percent over the past year and they found a 10-percent decrease over the past decade.

Maine is also in that camp.

According to a report on, five high schools have done away with their football programs in the Pine Tree State. The closures were not only due to lack of participation but concerns about injuries as well.

For example, Boothbay Region High School shut down their football program for the first time since the school opened in 1955.

But the lack of participation isn't just due to injuries. Other priorities have taken place like summer jobs, family outings, and such like.

However, it's not just the smaller high schools that are discontinuing their football teams. Bigger schools are discontinuing their Jr. Varsity teams as well, due to lack of participation and parental concerns about injuries.

So, not only has Maine seen a decline in student participation, for one reason or another, but the nation as a whole seems to be hanging up their helmets as well.


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