When you were a kid all you wanted was to grow up and do all of the things your mother would never allow. Adulthood seemed like a magical get out of jail free card that you just couldn’t wait to acquire.

Well, the joke’s on you now isn’t it? The truth is adulthood stinks. You have a job you hate, you have bills to pay and you have a bunch of little mouths to feed. As an adult, you now find yourself reminiscing over the days of your youth, wishing you could spend your afternoons riding your bike around the neighborhood.

Here are 10 surprising reasons why being a kid is so much better than being an adult.

1. You can wipe boogers on anything and everything.

2. Hot teachers.

3. You know how to fake a headache that gets you out of math class.

4. All you need for a wild night is two gigantic pixie sticks and a pack of Sweet Tarts.

5. You can run down people on your boogie board in the ocean.

6. You have the ability to hang upside down for long periods of time.

7. You can pee in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese and blame it on your little brother.

8. Instead of being hung over on a Saturday morning you’re eating Lucky Charms and watching cartoons.

9. You can get out of trouble by flashing an adorable smile.

10. Crying usually gets you whatever you want.

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