As Election Day grows closer, political ads are growing in number. Just today I had six pieces of mail telling me who to vote for and who not to vote for, most of them attack ads. It gotten so bad with the political ads on YouTube that I subscribed to YouTube Premium just so I don't have to sit through them anymore. A lot of us are just done with political ads that do nothing but tell you how terrible the opposing candidate is. That is until I saw this attack ad today.

News Center Maine's meteorologists Keith Carson and Todd Gutner hilariously spoofed the political attack ads in this new video written by Keith himself. He posted on his Facebook page, "After watching non-stop political attack ads for the last few months I thought "You know what, I could write one of those!" And so I did."

Keith's ad opens up right out of the gate with a slam against Todd's home state of Connecticut but not to be outdone, Todd's ad comes back with questions about why Keith got booted from the Weather Channel.

It's ridiculous, funny and ridiculously funny. So if you're tired of hearing what evil things Trump, Biden, Collins and Gideon are being accused of doing, this is your break from it all. If anyone over at News Center Maine is reading this, I'd like to make a request for Lee Goldberg vs Sharon Rose attack ads please. I'm going to make some popcorn while I wait.

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