If Jason Newsted ever had a rock star ego, he learned to suppress it early on in his career. Right around the waning months of 1986, to be precise, was when he was plucked out of promising thrashers Flotsam and Jetsam and drafted to replace iconic bassist Cliff Burton for rising metal gods Metallica.

Over the next 15 years, Newsted proved himself the ultimate, selfless utility player, enduring second-class citizen treatment and outright hazing with infinite patience and grace, while working just as hard as any of his bandmates as they logged a bajillion miles touring the globe.

Once Newsted decided to break free from Metallica, his unselfish attitude was put to good use with an amazingly active assortment of short-term band associations, so that, before we knew it, the bassist’s discography was as broad and eclectic as any metallic celebrity.

Don’t believe us? Well, sit back and read on as we meander across the years and decades, ranking all of the albums on which Jason Newsted has performed, and, in the process, stroke his ego for a change!

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