290 Maine Street restaurant and bar in downtown Norway just added something to their space that is going make summer nights even better.

290 Maine Street opened in June of 2017 and gets its name from, you guessed it, its address on Main Street in Norway, but tweaked with an extra "e" to make it purely Maine. Not only do they serve great food and drink, but they also host a lot of live music. It's a pretty popular place that attracts locals and tourists alike.

Ryan Ricci, owner and founder of 290 Maine Street, posted a video showing off his new toy, and it's pretty cool.

This is what the window in the restaurant looks like from the outside. Typical, right?

Google Maps
Google Maps

Well, it's typical until you decide to turn it into a "door window." I'm not sure if Ryan made that name up or if a door window is an actual thing, but either way, it's cool.

How does it work? Pretty simple. It's just an all-glass overhead door with an automatic door opener. On warm days and evenings, just press the button and get fresh air in an instant.

This idea is brilliant, although, I'm not sure how it works as a door. Inside, the door window almost goes completely to the floor, but on the street side, it's a small jump to the sidewalk.

Sounds like I'll have to take a trip home to Norway and get some dinner and have a look. It's the little things like this that intrigue me.

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