I constantly struggle with sleep.

I know I'm not the only one. But I already keep really weird hours, but on top of that, I can never seem to sleep in the hours I'm supposed to. I often go to bed pretty early, like around 8:00pm. But all too often, my eyes snap open three or four hours later, and I'm wide awake. Then come midday, I can barley keep my eyes open at all.

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Naturally, when I get home I can't sleep either, because I'm now wide awake from leaving work and driving home. I'm always chasing my sleep tail. And of course, after a day or two of this, I'll find myself mid-morning at my desk, trying not to nod off. That's just what every boss wants to see, is an employee sleeping at their desk. So far, I've been lucky, hahaha.

But apparently, the trouble of staying awake at work is very real in Maine.

Business man sleeping on a laptop computer

Again, not that I think I'm alone, but Mainers overall, can't seem to get enough sleep. Which I find ironic, because we just brought you a story recently saying Mainers slept better than almost anyone in the US. While that may be true, 100% of Mainers in a recent survey admitted to having fallen asleep at work.

Woman sleeping at desk

Now, I'm not saying people are pulling out a pillow and blankets and having full siesta time in their cubies. But folks are definitely not all there, at points. Not only that, the track record for people getting caught is 50%. So you're going to get busted at some point.

Businessman Sleeping on a Conference Table

Why are we so napping so much?

Out of most Mainers surveyed, the two main reasons are as you would guess, the most obvious. We're exhausted, or we're relaxing. Mainers are notoriously hard workers. Some folks have super stressful jobs. Others have back-breaking labor jobs. Other Mainers work two or three jobs. We bust our butts, and are tuckered right out.

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A couple other key data points I loved... 75% of people feel guilty for napping at work, out of the ones that do. So only 25% of you are actually ok with sleeping on the job. And a bunch of people use naps to avoid social obligations. Someone needs to teach me this useful skill, stat. I need to know how to get out of family stuff through the power of napping. Actually, that's a skill... That's a super power.

Instead of sleeping, try eating!

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