Do you remember your first Maine hurricane weather?

Typically, hurricanes just aren't something we have to worry about in Maine. We can get some strong winds and a bunch of rain, but we've never really had to deal with anything resembling what happens in other parts of the country, like Florida or the Carolinas, or the Gulf Coast. the worst we see usually keeps us indoors for an afternoon.

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Back in 1969, Hurricane Gerda blew into Eastport with actual hurricane-force winds. As did Hurricane Gloria when it landed in 1985. There were power outages and downed trees and all that, but they never felt much worse than any of those crazy winter storms we get on a pretty regular basis.

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Hurricane Beryl is going to make a brief, damp stop here in Maine.

Satellite view of a hurricane in the ocean on Earth

Well, maybe stop is the wrong word. Beryl will make its way through, but it should've lost most of its gas by the time it hits us. That's to say, we won't have much in the way of strong winds. But, we could definitely see a solid dumping of rain by the end of the week.


Forecasts from the National Weather Service and Accuweather seem to agree that by Friday we should be seeing the last gasps of Beryl as it moves its way toward Canada and eventually out to sea. It looks like in a 24 hour period, we're likely to see a couple inches of rain, possibly more. Wind however, doesn't seem to be a big deal.

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The only real thing that has me a bit uneasy is that this was a monster storm, so early in the season. So while we may get off easy this time around, there will be plenty more opportunities for much crappier weather to come. So this weekend may be a bit damp, but this may be the year that we some real action before all is said and done...

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