It is something he's been wanting to do for 12 or 13 years and about 10 years ago he first started writing a book but then stopped

Earlier this year, he sat down at the typewriter and 30 days later "Me, Myself and Aye, Aye" is for sale on Amazon.

First the background: Doc began Maine Veterans Project to get veterans together by holding events and creating comradery among others who have similar experiences, and that might help in getting veterans who are experiencing a more difficult adjustment back into society, on a better path.

That is part of the reason that the Maine Veterans Project does so many community events. So vets can attend and meet other vets they didn't know, which builds friendships and a support group to bond with during difficult times. That's community. And that's Doc.

Doc told me about the book a few weeks ago, and the minute it went on Amazon I purchased it I'll start reading it this weekend and report back to you. As they say, stay tuned.

Courtesy Doc Goodwin
Courtesy Doc Goodwin

Here's the link from Amazon to buy Me, Myself and Aye, Aye. A story about life, whiskey and the pursuit of happiness.

Maine Veterans Project has been Doc's life for the past eight years but before that, blaming it on PTSD, he admits to partying hard for three or four years.

He explains his life was always based on integrity, but also admits to falling from grace and not being totally happy with some of the things that are in his past. I'm sure we will read some difficult chapters when we go through the book but Doc says for the record he's  "glad to be back to normal and glad to be back in Maine."

You may know Doc from  'Destination Truth' on SyFy TV between 2009 and 2012. And still on episodes now on Travel Channel.

Doc has been in 89 countries, he's lived in six different states, no more than five years in any one in any other state but Maine.

Doc says

Life is hard, but it's also a journey and I've lived enough for five lifetimes. I equate my life to a modern Forrest Gump, as I'm not the most scholarly or interesting, but life has landed me in some story worthy situations. From relentless bullying to sparring with a world champion and from poverty to the luxuries of Hollywood. Life has been an interesting ride. Everyone has a story to tell, but I hope mine is as interesting and relatable as I wrote it to be  Poor decisions lead to great stories, hence this book.

When Doc was asked, what was next, he said he was already working on a second book which is all about traveling.

Congratulations Doc. Good luck with Me, Myself, and Aye, Aye.

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