If you've been outside at all these past few weeks, then you know that July is in full swing and August is just around the corner. If you live in the Maritimes, it's gonna be a hot one today!

Environment Canada has issued heat warnings for New Brunswick, P-E-I, and Nova Scotia and has reported temperatures being so hot that it will feel like it's in the mid-to-high 30's Celsius, 95 Fahrenheit.

Forecasters are attributing the hot and sticky weather to a humid and hot air mass that has made its way into the region.

If this seems unbearable, hang in there as there may be some relief coming to the Maritimes on Thursday, as rain is expected across the region.

However, the humidity will stick around for a while.

CAUTION:  If you have small children, are an older adult, have a chronic illness, are pregnant or you're planning to work or play outside, please be careful as these temperatures can pose high risks for heat stroke, heat cramps, and other heat injuries.

Stay cool and stay hydrated! 

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