Full disclosure right up front, I'm writing this article as someone who grew up in Lewiston, Maine and attended Lewiston High School. I recently came across an article from longtime Lewiston Sun-Journal columnist Kalle Oakes that suggested that the hockey rivalry between LHS and St. Dominic Academy is the best high school sports rivalry in Maine. Whoa, let's digest that.

While I grew up in Lewiston, I have been living in Portland for almost 15 years now and have seen how serious and intense the Deering vs. Portland rivalry is in several sports. I've attended a couple of football games and felt the same kind of intensity and excitement that existed when crowding into the arena in Lewiston on a saturday night for a classic between the Saints and Devils.

From personal experience, and there were a lot of experiences, nothing quite has the cache of bringing a city together like a clash between two hockey giants in Lewiston. There was always a group of parents and students, but it also brought in former players, former coaches, friends of parents who had kids on the team etc. A saturday night matchup of Lewiston vs. St Doms was THE event in the city, and could not be missed.

So here's the question....what other high school rivalries in Maine match that intensity? Having only shacked up in two of Maine's biggest cities has left me to wonder, what are the rivalries outside of Portland and Lewiston? Is Portland vs. Deering a better rivalry?

Let us know through our Facebook fan page or the comments section below this blog. What is Maine's very best High School rivalry?

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