So we had family visiting this past weekend, which means there were more kids to add to the fun. One of the grown-ups suggested an activity and my brood got excited. For the rest of the day I felt like the worst parent in the world.

Liang Zhang/Thinkstock
Liang Zhang/Thinkstock

The activity? Painting Easter eggs. Come to find out my kids have NEVER painted Easter eggs. NEVER. You see Easter in our family has always been about something more than chocolate eggs and bunnies, but I didn't purposefully exclude the activity from their 'now-seemingly-sheltered' lives. Anyway, they painted eggs. You know what? The general consensus was that they didn't miss much all these years. I felt better, but only a little.

What's the one 'fail' that had you feeling like a terrible parent? Call the show at 764-ROCK or tell us on Facebook.


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