Our deepest sympathies go out to the family of Chief Darrell Malone (ret). Chief Malone passed away Monday evening. The Houlton Police Department posted the announcement on their facebook page, saying he had battled an illness.

Chief Malone retired from the Houlton Police Department in November, 2001 after a long career. He started his service with HPD in January of 1966 and was quickly promoted to Sergeant  a few years later in 1971. By 1976, he was a Lieutenant and was the Chief of Police in 1984. He was also a graduate of the 106 class of the FBI National Academy.

Chief Malone served the community with respect and was awarded the highest honor of Distinguished Service Citation in December 2019. He also was the founder of the Maine Law Enforcement Officer Memorial in Augusta, Maine. He was the chair of the committee and read the list of fallen officers every year.

The Houlton Police Department posted a tribute to Chief Malone on their Facebook page Tuesday. You can read some of the heartfelt appreciation from the people all around the area where he served. There are  condolences and respect from people who worked with him, served with Malone and knew him.

Chief Timothy DeLuca said about Chief Malone, “Many of his initiatives and missions are in place today and have had a long lasting effect on the current culture at HPD.” Read Chief DeLuca’s full letter on HPD’s Facebook page below.

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We thank Chief Darrell Malone for his service and offer our condolences to the family.

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