According to the meteorologists at WGME, we're getting another special full moon this week.

The "Hunter's Moon" will reach its peak Tuesday night and Wednesday night.  Technically, it will reach it's PEAK Wednesday morning (just before 11 AM), but viewing will be great both nights.

What about the weather?  Based on the forecast from the National Weather Service, Central Maine will see cloudy skies and showers tonight (Tuesday).  However, it looks like Wednesday night will only be partly cloudy.  So, set a reminder in your phone.

While we are not entirely sure why it is called the "hunter's moon" it is probably because it happens during hunting season.  It is the full moon that follows September's Harvest Moon.

Our next full moon, which they call the "Beaver Moon", will be on November 19th.

If you get some good pictures of it, feel free to share them with us on our Facebook page or app.

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