Summer is right around the corner and while we're busy grilling, riding the ATV trails and getting ready for camp, the scammers are busy trying to ruin your summer plans.

Here are some of the scams that you need to be aware of as you enjoy summer time in the County, or anywhere else for that matter. Be careful!


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    Door-To-Door Salesmen

    Either the service they are offering or the cause they are promoting may be a real deal, but the person at your door may not be. If approached for a service or a cause, let them know that you'll get back with them. Get their information and go online to check them out after they're gone. If there's nothing online, then be glad you didn't fall for their tricks.

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    Wi-Fi Scammers

    If you're in a hotel, coffee shop, restaurant, or any other public place that offers FREE Wi-Fi, beware. A major internet attack just happened earlier this month, globally. Not all public, FREE Wi-Fi's are secure If you're going to check any sensitive information, like a banking account, etc, alway check with the network provider BEFORE you log in to find out just how secure, or unsecured the network is.

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    Rental or Home Buying Scams

    There was an incident where someone had made arrangements with a family from another state to rent a home in the location they were moving to. Everything seemed legit, but when the arrived at the home, in the other state, with a truckload of their home goods, they found out really fast that they had been scammed. The people answered the door and said the home was not for rent and had no ideas what they were talking about.

    Eric Ford, Getty Images