Are you average when it comes to how fast, or slow you drive?  Meaning if the speed limit is 45, you might push it to around 50 or 52. Or if it is 70 on the Interstate, up to 77ish.

And you’ll still have people blow by you at a much faster speed, and you’ll still be passing some people who drive under the maximum speed limit.

However, when you’re in cities or towns and the limit drops to between 25 and 35 depending on where you are, you might well be more apt to keep your speed closer to the actual limit.  For safety reasons.  More traffic, both autos, and people factor in I’d bet.

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But does Climate Control cross your mind when you’re driving slower?  Meaning because you are doing only 25 mph not only is it safer, but it’s more beneficial to the environment.  Not many think of stuff like that.  I think more of the driver who is riding my bumper wanting me to speed up because 25 isn’t going to cut it with them.

A news story out of France shocked me yesterday.

The speed limit on almost every street in Paris fell to 30 kilometers per hour (18.5 mph) on Monday.  Think about how slow that is, all over that huge city. Now every lane is the slow lane.

Parisian leaders said the decreased speed limit would make the city safer for pedestrians and help mitigate climate change.

Guess none of us are moving to Paris anytime soon. But, next time I’m on 46 doing 50, or 15 doing 55, or 95 doing 75 and someone impatiently tries to push me to speed up, I’ll remember 18.5 mph in Paris.  Ooh La La.

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