One of the more talked about topics locally are the long lines at most drive-thru restaurants in the area. Covid-19 restrictions and a lacking workforce have made the site of vehicles lined up into the streets during peak dining hours.  

The Situation

Many dining rooms remain closed as employers and managers work to maximize the staff that they have from day to day. In Presque Isle, most of the chatter is around the lines at the KFC/Taco Bell and at the Dunkin Donuts at the gas station on main street. From 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. the line at KFC/Taco Bell is regularly backed up into the street and during the morning hours Dunkin Donuts line stretches into a busy area of traffic.  

Drive-Thru at McDonalds in Presque Isle JC/TSM
Drive-Thru at McDonalds in Presque Isle JC/TSM

How long until we get our food, Dad? 

Ask any parent how much fun waiting in line for close to an hour can be with a hungry child and you'll get a look of hopelessness. My wife and I are fortunate that our daughter has a great deal of patience when it comes to waiting in line with her parents. However, I know that this is not the case for most families. We do our best to explain to her what is going on in the world and how those decisions have made our dining out experience much different than it was two years ago. 

Sorry, boss! 

There are many people who are trying to grab their lunch during the work day and planning out that trip has now become a game of chess. You are trying to figure out what you'd like to eat and how long the line may be. The addition of apps that allow you to order ahead do help, but sometimes these restaurants are so short on staff that the orders sent through an app are hard for them to fulfill on-time.  

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The trickle-down effect of the pandemic seems never ending and each day we find another complication, lose a restaurant, or learn of an event cancellation. This is becoming a very frustrating time for many people once again, and the patience is as thin as it has ever been. Be patient and be kind.

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