I had a brief discussion with one of our listeners on Facebook who requested a song that didn’t really fit our format.  Or did it?  We call ourselves the ‘Ultimate Classic Rock’ station, but who decides what song or artist is deemed ‘classic?’  Good question.


The scientific answer will involve me citing years and years of research and testing songs and artists and blah, blah, blah.  The real answer is – you.  Classic Rock is subjective just like anything else.  But let me give you an example, I consider Billy Joel to be rock and roll.  Does that mean that everything Billy Joel put out is classic rock.  No.  I wouldn’t play ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ next to Black Sabbath’s ‘Iron Man.’ 

On the other hand, The Beatles are considered both ‘Oldies’ and Classic Rock and their early music is even dubbed ‘Pop.’  Where does it end?  The short answer is that it’s a matter of taste and a balance of music that will appeal to each rock and roll fan.  Because Huey Lewis and The News is a badass ‘Pop/Rock’ band, I’m not going to play them after Metallica, who incidentally is now considered ‘Classic.’


In the 1970s, none of this mattered.  Radio playlists were as varied as the artists creating the music.  What do you think?  Do you think radio playlists have gotten too confined?  Tell us on Facebook.