Houlton Police have some fun addressing potholes on their Facebook. They also emphasize the importance of driving safe, slowing down, and allowing crews to work.

HPD said on their Facebook with pictures:

As everyone knows it is pothole season and we have a bumper crop (pun intended) this year. Please slow down and be patient with the road crews.

Houlton Police Department

Also be aware that some roads in Houlton (like the one in the picture) are not maintained by our Public Works. HPD notifies MDOT as quickly as we can and response times differ and are case by case basis.

Be thankful that spring is around the corner. Note: No cruisers were harmed in the production of this announcement.

Houlton PD also posted:

HPD Sgt. Wampler chasing his cruiser that fell into the Pot Hole! Damage?

Houlton Police Department