A little extra jingle at the right time

A local employer was able to give their employees an extra reason for joy this holiday season as we look towards 2022. We love to see stories of hard work and dedication being recognized, and Community Living Association (CLA) in Houlton did more than say "Thank you” to their staff this week. 

Let's meet some of the local folks at CLA 

CLA posted to their Facebook Page that it would be a "very Merry day at CLA..” with the arrival of the bonus checks for their employees. CLA is a private non-profit organization that supports people with developmental disabilities and help the individuals become more independent. The services provided by CLA and their staff play a pivotal role in the lives of many individuals and families in the southern Aroostook County area.  

Via CLA Facebook Page. Employee Jason Carmichael receives bonus check for his work at CLA
Via CLA Facebook Page. Employee Jason Carmichael receives bonus check for his work at CLA

CLA posted a few employees receiving their bonus checks with employees who have worked at CLA for just a few years, and some who have given over three decades to the organization. Jason might look familiar to some of you. When he's not at CLA, you can catch him in your local gym referring basketball in the winter, and he is a member of the local softball umpiring board and soccer refereeing board. He had dedicated his time to the youth and families of the area. The bonus check is well deserved, maybe use some of the funds to support a team other than Alabama!

To work for one organization for 33 years is an incredible accomplishment, and Deb Anderson was another CLA employee who got a bonus check as a token of appreciation. A nice touch by the CLA administration to highlight some of their employees. Thank you to the CLA employees for all the work that you do, and continue to do in the lives of so many.

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