If you're a connoisseur of music, regardless of the genre, you've probably attended a concert or two in your lifetime. But not all concerts pay the same.

If you had to choose a music group or musician who you thought probably had the highest grossing concerts based on attendance and monies brought in from the venue, who would you pick?

For some, you might say The Eagles had the highest, but others might choose someone like Michael Jackson, just for starters.

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but the highest grossing concerts on record go to neither of those two chart-toppers.

According to our friends at top5ofanything.com, here are the Top 5 grossing concert tours ever.

  1. U2 (360° Tour) - With 110 shows in front of 7.2 million people, the group grossed $736 million dollars.
  2. The Rolling Stones (A Bigger Bang Tour) - The performed 144 shows in front of 4.6 million people and grossed $558 million.
  3. Pink Floyd (The Wall Tour) - The group played 124 shows in front of 4.1 million people and grossed $458 million.
  4. AC/DC (Black Ice World Tour)  - The band performed 167 shows in front of 4.8 million people and grossed a total of $441.
  5. Madonna (Sticky Sweet Tour) - The Material Girl hosted 119 shows and performed in front of 3.5 million people grossing $408 million.

As a side note, Forbes.com calculated things a bit different.

The number 1 and 2 spots were the same but Coldplay came in at #3 grossing $523 million. The 4 and 5 spots went to Roger Waters - The Wall Live at #4 and AC/DC - Black Ice World Tour at #5.

What's your favorite band and what concerts have you attended? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.




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