Every week we feature a new hometown and share photos and facts using hashtags on social media. This week our #hashtag hometown is Orrington!

This hometown is the south-eastern most town in Penobscot county with tons of recreational land and bodies of water. The town is home to about 3,700 and is a town thousands travel through for work or tourism.

The settlers of Orrington in 1812 could have used auto-correct as the towns current name was actually a typo. The town was supposed to be called Orangetown after Orangetown, Maryland. We like Orrington better anyway.

Popular spots in town are Snows Corner where you can get pizza, gas, donuts and do some banking. The area of Bob's Kozy Korner is also a hub with the popular store, fire department, and church.

The town has no shortage of things to do, especially in the summer with many events and community fun. Be sure to follow Wiswell Farm for updates on some of the best things going on in Orrington including the 'Endless Community Yardsale', and 'Old Home Days'. Orrington is also famous due to the popularity of Stephen King's book, 'Pet Semetery', based on his experiences living in Orrington.

Here are some photos of the town we found on Instagram:

What do you love about Orrington?!

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