"Hello Cleveland!" It's one of the most awkward moments for touring rock bands -- losing track of the days and mistakenly calling out the wrong city to an audience. It's a feeling that's been humorously mocked over the years and sadly it's something that just happened to Guns N' Roses during their stop in Melbourne.

The introductory flub came courtesy of the group's longtime guitar tech / announcer McBob who attempted to rile up the crowd but mistakenly called out "Sydney" instead of Melbourne. As seen in the fan-shot video below, the restless crowd began clapping in anticipation of the band taking the stage, before being greeted by McBob's intro. The cheers quickly turned to a smattering of boos for those who caught the city gaff.

The band eventually made up for it by delivering a blistering set at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, but a number of fans shared their thoughts on the moment via social media, including this post below:

Later, the band addressed the introductory flub with their own social media post on the matter. "Accidentally, after 30 years McBob made an error. We're truly sorry," the band posted to their Melbourne fans.

It's been a rough week for those tasked with providing introductions. Actress Laverne Cox also took plenty of heat after failing to mention Metallica when introducing the band's Grammy performance with Lady Gaga. She has since apologized for her omission.

Guns N' Roses are taking the "Not in This Lifetime" tour worldwide. See their current tour itinerary here.

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