Now that the fall weather is working its way into our lives, are you looking to get a few kicks out of the season before old man winter arrives? The Hunter Brothers Farm in Florencville-Bristol will be opening up their corn maze on Saturday September 10 and this year's maze looks like it will give families a fun filled afternoon.

Make your goal to finish the Hunter Brothers corn maze 

This year the Hunter Brothers Farm is paying tribute to soccer in Canada. The World Cup is set to kickoff later this fall and this year's maze is a celebration of the history of Canadian soccer. There will be ten question stations throughout the maze featuring multiple choice trivia questions as you work your way through the 2022 corn maze.

Hunter Brothers Corn Maze 2022 via Hunter Brothers Facebook page
Hunter Brothers Corn Maze 2022 via Hunter Brothers Facebook page

Discounted tickets for this weekend and beyond

Don't miss opening weekend, Hunter Brothers Farm is offering $2 off per ticket for the kickoff. Since this is the first week of school, they are offering discounted tickets to teachers that present a valid ID. Hunter Brothers will be offering discounts the following weekends as well, with the weekend of the 17th being 911 responders and military weekend, and the weekend of the 24th will recognize healthcare workers and their dedication over the last 2 years.

The corn maze pros for over 20 years 

Hunter Brothers Farm has been providing corn mazes to families for over twenty years now, with their first maze in 2001. They have honored great moments and individuals in the history of Canada. Past mazes have paid tribute to Bluenose, John Deere, Sesame Street, hockey, forestry, and even Harry Potter. You can browse their mazes of the past here, and be sure to like the Hunter Brothers Farm on Facebook. Be sure to send us your photos from your adventures in the 2022 corn maze.

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