When you think of Halloween, a variety of bands may immediately come to mind due to their theatrics and darker content. One wouldn't be wrong to say KISS, thanks to the band's intense makeup and shows that are packed full of literal fire. Well, the band have given another reason to consider them as a spooky staple, if this new video is to be believed. Singer Gene Simmons recently appeared in a video for Michaels along with actress Busy Philipps to carve up some pumpkins.

It's a funny clip featuring the KISS icon. Simmons makes his appearance crashing through a pumpkin and yelling, taking the actress by surprise. The two get on their own sides (Busy representing an angel with her Halloween costume and Gene obviously a devil) and have 30 minutes to carve up pumpkins. Busy asks Gene whether or not he has any Halloween traditions, to which he says, "I put on KISS makeup, and then I pretend we're America's No. 1 gold record award winning band of all time." He then goes into what he does with his kids at home and all the decorating they do.

They're both thrown a curveball and have to stick their hands in some gross jars. Gene looks genuinely skeeved out by prospect. We won't spoil how things turn out, but Gene gives a pretty hilarious reaction to it all at the very end.

Recently, we spoke to Gene about a plethora of topics, including Donald Trump, terrorism and the early KISS years. Simmons reveals he's been invited "once or twice" to visit the White House, but hasn't been able to make it. “I do have a piece of advice for everybody," offered Simmons. "Stop picking on each other and arguing with each other. It’s just politics … Stop fighting amongst each other, because we’re supposed to be one country. You will have the power the next time you go to the voting booth. Draw the curtains — it’s nobody’s damn business who you vote for — and vote your conscience.”

Watch Gene Simmons carve a pumpkin above!

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