Gas prices around New England saw one of their biggest weekly increases this past week, thanks largely in part to Hurricane Harvey.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
loading...'s latest survey saw all Northeast states take a big hit at the pumps, due to refineries being shut down by Hurricane Harvey.

Here in Maine, the average price per gallon at the pump jumped 32.5 cents to $2.71 a gallon in the past week. In Presque Isle, as of 10 a.m. Tuesday morning, the price at most of the stations were at $2.83 a gallon. That;'s an increase of 25 cents over the price last Monday.

New Hampshire's pump prices saw a rise of 37.4 cents to $2.68 a gallon. The average price in Vermont was $2.71, a leap of 35.4 cents from last week.

The average price across the country increased to $2.64 a gallon. That was 23.8 cents higher than the previous week, 29.8 cents more than a month ago and 44.5 cents than at this time last year.

Analysts predict gas prices will continue to remain high until Texas recovers from Harvey.

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