Gas prices in the past week saw an increase or a decrease, depending on where in New England you were.

Close-up of a gasoline pumps nozzles in a petrol station
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Here in Maine, according to, prices at the pump went up almost a penny to an average of $2.35 a gallon. In Presque Isle, prices showed $2.48 a gallon at the pumps.

Meanwhile, New Hampshire and Vermont prices fell from a penny to 1.2 cents per gallon. New Hampshire pump prices were $2.30 a gallon on average and Vermont prices decreased to $2.36 a gallon.

New England prices were still a bit cheaper than the national average, which rose nearly a penny to $2.37 a gallon. That's 1.9 cents higher than last month and just a half cent higher than the price per gallon a year ago.


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