Four cats died in a structure fire and one dog survived in Portland on Tuesday afternoon.

Four Cats Died and One Dog Rescued from Fire

The Portland Fire Department said the fire started around 3:14 pm at 856 Washington Avenue.

Two-Story Building Fire

When firefighters arrived on the scene, smoke and flames were coming out of the side of a two-story building, said Portland FD.

Portland Fire Department
Portland Fire Department

Unconscious Dog Found on Second Floor

As crews battled the fire and searched the building, an unconscious dog was found on the second floor.

Dog Survived the Fire

The dog was rescued from the fire and given oxygen. It regained consciousness after several minutes. The homeowner took the dog to a local veterinarians for medical attention.

Portland Fire Department
Portland Fire Department

Four Cats Died in Fire

No one was home at the time of the fire. Four cats died, said officials.

Cause of Fire Under Investigation

The fire was under control around 3:33 pm, said the Portland Fire Department. The cause of the fire remains open.

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