News Center Maine said reporter and journalist Chris Rose died Wednesday after a cardiac event at the age of 63. Rose leaves behind his two daughters, Duffy and Miranda.

Rose Worked at News Center Maine for Over 30 Years

Chris Rose spent over 30 years working at WCSH from 1986 to 2018 as a news producer and on-air talent, according to News Center Maine. He launched his television career in Worcester, Massachusetts. He went on to work in Boston at WBZ-TV as a news producer and writer.

He Covered Big Stories and Received Prestigious Awards

He was inducted into the prestigious Maine Association of Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2017. His reporting was local and regional. Rose covered stories ranging form the Boston Marathon bombings to a visit to Maine by the legendary comedian Robin Williams.

Rose Worked in Public Relations

Rose moved to another profession after leaving the news media, working as a public relations strategist at the University of New England.

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News Center Maine YouTube

Watch Rose wish Cindy Williams the best when she was leaving the station in 2022.

News Center Maine Facebook

Several of his longtime colleagues remembered Rose for his kindness, professionalism and his friendships.

Read the full article on the News Center Maine Facebook page.

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