In the wake of the recent lenient sentence given to the former Stanford student convicted of sexual assault, Cumberland County prosecutors have dropped a rape charge against a former Bowdoin College student accused of sexually assaulting a fellow student last year.

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The Portland Press Herald reports 22-year-old Logan Taylor has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct through an Alford plea agreement.

An Alford plea means he didn't admit guilt but acknowledged that the evidence against him would likely lead to a conviction.

The agreement was finalized April 7. Taylor was sentenced to five days in the Cumberland County Jail.

Taylor was accused of raping the 20-year-old woman on May 24, 2015 in his dorm room after they ate pizza and drank shots of liquor.

Court records don't explain why authorities dropped the felony charge. Messages for Taylor's attorney and Cumberland County prosecutors weren't returned Wednesday.

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