In his own words, it's a "cash-money situation" for Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins when he encounters autograph seekers on the street in a video shared by TMZ on Monday (Sept. 20). In the clip, the musician is seen exchanging his signature for dollar-dollar bills, y'all.

Indeed, the tabloid captured the drummer walking out of a New York hotel before quickly racking up a whole $64 in U.S. bills from waiting fans, sparked by one zealous collector who verbally offered the rocker $40 for his 'graph. And from the way the scene plays out, the friendly exchange seems like it could be a regular occurrence for the longtime Foo Fighters member.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

"I just hate going to the ATM," Hawkins politely explains to TMZ's cameraman. "So now I have cash, 'cause my wife takes all of my cash out of my wallet, 'cause she hates going to the ATM."

He adds, "So really, you guys are giving this money to my wife."

The tabloid stressed that the drummer was just "having some fun" on the road and quipped that he wasn't "getting rich off [the] racket." Still, $64 is a pretty good take for just walking out onto the sidewalk.

The musician is not currently trading electronically, however. "I haven't done Venmo yet because then I have to give you guys my phone number," Hawkins adds.

At one point in the video, the drummer is joined by fellow Foo Fighters member Pat Smear, one of the Dave Grohl-led band's guitarists. Smear signs autographs for the surrounding fans as well, with Hawkins joking to his bandmate, "Are you getting paid?"

In July, Hawkins sang lead on a Foo Fighters disco cover, echoing the role he assumes when he comes to the front of the stage during Foos gigs for songs such as Queen's "Somebody to Love." Last week, it was revealed he's singing and drumming for new collab act NHC with Dave Navarro and Chris Chaney.

Foo Fighters latest, Medicine at Midnight, emerged earlier this year with the singles "Waiting on War," "No Son of Mine" and "Shame Shame." The band will be inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame next month.

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