Man Shot in Kennedy Park

Police in Portland, Maine had fireworks launched at them Monday night around 11 p.m. in Kennedy Park as they helped a man who was shot on the Fourth of July. 

Crowd Shots Fireworks at Officers

A crowd of people started shooting the fireworks as officers gave the wounded man first aid on the ground. The Portland Police Department said “several officers were struck with sparks from the fireworks that were intentionally aimed at them. We are fortunate that officers did not receive any serious injuries.”

Police Use Non-Lethal Force in Response

Non-lethal pepper balls were used as a response. Portland Police said “this non-lethal force was used to keep areas close to the crime scene clear and to counter the potentially deadly force being used against the officers and medics trying to provide life-saving care to the man who was shot, along with dozens of innocent bystanders.”

Man Shot and Assaulted in Stable Condition

The man who was shot is 35-year-old  Bashir Hassan from Portland, Maine. Authorities said Hassan was also assaulted while he was laying on the ground in the park. Medics from the Portland Fire Department were on scene to give him first aid as well. He was transported to Maine Medical Center for treatment and was listed in stable condition.

Fireworks Shot at Police Last Year on the 4th

Police were attacked with fireworks in Kennedy Park last year on the Fourth of July as they responded to shots fired. Ten shots were reported in the 2021 incident.

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Ongoing Investigation

Police are investigating the shooting and ask the public for any information related to the victim and the assault. Contact law enforcement at (207) 874-8575. You can also leave details anonymously by using the Crime Tip Line at (207) 874-8584.

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