It's that time of year when you see vendors along main streets across Maine and New Brunswick and people going door-to-door selling fiddleheads.

Maybe you're one to go fiddlehead pickin' with friends and family and have found a really good harvest. That's awesome! But how do you eat them once you prep them?

Here are some ideas that people have come up with on how to enjoy these delicious greens from your local area! Have you ever tried eating them like this?

Fiddleheads and Beer?

Fiddleheads and Trout?

Fiddleheads for Breakfast?

Fiddleheads with Taco Tuesdays?


Fiddleheads and Lamb?

Fiddleheads and Bison?

Or Just Eat Em' The Old Fashioned Way!!!!!


If you're not sure about the proper way to harvest, prepare, and cook Fiddleheads, the Chef is glad to show you the best way to do it here!






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