For over two decades, Amy Lee has been the powerhouse behind Evanescence. The band wrapped up their latest tour with a sold out show at The Paramount in Long Island, N.Y. and teamed up with Live Nation to stream the concert live. Evanescence have been touring in support of their forthcoming vinyl box set called The Ultimate Collection due out Dec. 9.

The set began with and older tune “Everybody’s Fool” off of their full length debut, then went into the more upbeat “What You Want” and the much darker track “Going Under” to get fans going. Piano driven songs “Lithium” and “My Heart Is Broken” somberly filled the entire venue.

Evanescence knows exactly what they’re doing with their setlist as they take their fans on a melodic and expressive roller coaster ride. It’s difficult not to get chills when Lee belts out “The Change” and “Your Star” and shows complete control of her soaring and deeper vocals.

This song is dedicated to anyone who tried to tear this band apart from the inside out,” Lee said before unleashing the new, grungy, in your face track “Take Cover.”  Older notable singles “Call Me When You’re Sober” and the one that started it all “Bring Me to Life” rounded out the set.

A very special moment was the encore which included the band’s incredible cover of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana.” The sonically diverse set is a testament to Lee’s vocal talent and the band’s overall musicianship. As long as they keep performing, their fans will show up. One fan and photographer, Niwy Kovacove, came all the way from Slovakia to see and photograph Evanescence for the show.

Tennessee alternative rock act Veridia opened up the show with their uplifting, catchy, mid-tempo tunes that kept the crowd clapping. It was their first time in New York and fans gave them a well-deserved warm welcome.

Check out photos of Evanescence and Veridia performing at the Paramount in Long Island, N.Y. in our gallery above.

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