Designing magazine ads for the Eagles wasn't a difficult job for long.

The marketing campaign for the band's 1972 self-titled debut album is heavy on descriptive words, explaining exactly who these guys are and why you should care about their music. But after that LP sent three songs to the top of the charts and the group became one of the most popular acts of the '70s, it simply became a matter of finding new ways to say "Here's the new Eagles record you've been waiting for."

Because the band released only seven studio albums, six during their early reign plus 2007's double Long Road Out of Eden, we've also included magazine ads from Glenn FreyDon Henley and Joe Walsh's solo projects, as well as one from Walsh's earlier band the James Gang.

Not so surprisingly, there's a big difference between Walsh's mostly humorous campaigns and Henley's more reserved and stately imaging. The drummer and singer can also be found endorsing wristwatches and digital samplers, while Walsh teams up with former Eagles guitarist Don Felder to sell Gibson guitars.

Take a look below at more than three dozen Eagles Magazine Ads Through the Years: 1972-2015.

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