Looking for something to help you beat the winter blues brought on by Maine's harsh winters? I may have found the perfect thing to help.

According to ONLYINYOURSTATE, Pineland Farms in New Glouster has the perfect set of activities to help you beat all of your winter blues. Now I'll give you a little back story on Pineland farms and what they have to offer before I spill all the beans.

Pineland Farms is a year-round facility, and it's not just a traditional farm that you'd drive by and see animals hanging out in a pasture. Don't get me wrong; you'll see that too. But, aside from the typical farm animals, they also have a smokehouse, a vegetable stand, a sugar shack, and an outdoor play area. They even have a bar that is strictly used for education purposes. Seemingly something for everyone in the family, young and old.

Now here is where I spill the beans about their newest offerings. During the coronavirus pandemic height, a lot of businesses had to shift, modify, and adapt to the ever-changing guidelines. Because of these changes and as a way to keep people safe and socially distanced, they added a few new outdoor features.

The first addition is a new outdoor ice skating rink free to the public, but you are asked to bring your own skates. They've also added an outdoor dining option where you are basically eating inside a heated snow globe so, if you're trying to find fun ways to get out of the house and still stay warm here in Maine, head over to Pineland Dr, in New Gloucester.

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