It may not be the Van Halen reunion fans had hoped for, but David Lee Roth allegedly donating an impressive amount of money to the band's former bassist is certainly the most meaningful. As reported a couple weeks back, Michael Anthony has been mourning the loss of his infant grandson, Rex, who passed away at the way-way-too-young age of just days old due to a heart condition. The bass player subsequently linked up with Walk L.A., a charity walk to benefit Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles which is set to take place June 17.

Yesterday, the internet went into a frenzy as it appeared the largest, non-Anthony family member donation came from a Dave Roth, who dropped $10,000 to Anthony's fundraising team, affectionately dubbed Rex and the Heart Beaters. Ostensibly, anyone can contribute to the cause under any moniker, which led to speculation it could just be an extremely good-hearted prankster, but the amount alone indicates otherwise. Giving further credence to the legitimacy of the bequest, according to sources, Anthony's brother took to his personal Facebook page to thank the current VH frontman.

Interestingly enough, the closest donation to Dave Roth's generous sum is $1,000, which has been given by a number of supporters, including one from the "Hagar Family Foundation," which leads to the obvious conclusion that Diamond Dave's 1985 replacement in Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, who currently plays with Anthony in The Circle and Chickenfoot, also has given some well-intentioned monies to the cause.

No matter who is behind the contributions to Anthony's team, it's gotten people talking about something positive that no one can really argue with, raising funds for patients and families who have to deal with difficult medical situations who need all the help they can get.

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