The Maine Attorney General's Office has released dashcam footage of a standoff in Topsham that resulted in a fatal officer-involved shooting.

Why Were Police Originally Called to the Vehicle?

Kourtney Sherwood, 37, of Brunswick was the subject of the standoff after police were called to Route 96 on Topsham Bypass for a wellbeing check. Topsham Police reported they had received reports that Sherwood was in her pickup truck, on the side of the road, and possibly had a gun. Officials say she was allegedly threatening to harm herself or others.

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In a video, released today by the Maine Attorney General's Office, police from several departments can be seen blocking off the road. One officer can be heard on a loudspeaker talking to Sherwood, telling her that she's not in trouble and that they just want to help. The officer asks her to roll down her window and let them see that she isn't armed.

It appears, about 1:53 into the video, that Sherwood rolls her window down just a little. Police again tell her that they're not going anywhere and just want to get her some help. Then at 2:10 into the video, her hand comes out of the window holding what appears to be a firearm. She waves it back and forth and then there's a popping sound and flash from the item in her hand, immediately followed by one shot from Topsham Police Officer Mathew Bowers. After this incident, Sherwood was rushed to a local hospital where she later died of her injuries.

What Happens Now?

Bowers has been placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of an investigation by the Maine Attorney General's Office.

Townsquare Media requested and received this video from the Maine Attorney General's Office.

After weighing the public interest in the investigation and evaluation of the use of deadly force by law enforcement against the harms contemplated in 16 M.R.S. § 804, your request is granted to the extent it seeks video depicting the use of deadly force.

The video is from the dashboard cam of Sagadahoc Sheriff's Deputy Steven Thibeault's cruiser.

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