Paul Adams, a Crown prosecutor, told a judge on Monday that had the RCMP complied with labor laws, some of the Mounties killed in 2014 could have been avoided.

According to The Globe and Mail, Adams told the judge that there was a lack of training of the Mounties that responded to the active-shooter and had not requalified with their firearms training.

Adams told the judge and the court that had the RCMP complied with Section 124 of the Labour Code, he believes that some of the fatalities could have been avoided.

Adams was referring to active-shooter Justin Bourque, 24, who shot five officers who were serving with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 2014, killing three of them and seriously injuring the other two.

It's been said that the incident was the deadliest attack since the Mayethorpe Tragedy in 2005, which left four RCMP Officers dead.

The RCMP is currently on trial on labor charges stemming from it's response to the shootings, in Moncton, New Brunswick, in which three officers died and two were injured.

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