The most recent surge in coronavirus cases in Aroostook County continues to wreak havoc on the start of the 2021 school year. Officials at RSU 29 in Houlton were forced to close all schools starting September 14 and students will be remote learning through Monday the 27th 

In a Faceboook post on Monday, RSU 29 announced the closing of the schools and all extra-curricular activities are canceled as well. That means no games, matches, practices, or gatherings for any team, club or group in the district. Houlton will continue to update their students and parents as the date approaches to see when students will be returning to in-person learning.

MSAD 1 in Presque Isle announced another round of positive cases and close contacts at three of the district's schools. In total, there were 5 positive cases among the school and there were confirmed on Monday. Superintendent Ben Greenlaw said that there are a large number of close contacts of these cases that will be in quarantine for a 10-day period. The statement went on to say that 89% of the staff at MSAD 1 are fully vaccinated.

As of Tuesday morning, Presque Isle will continue with in-person learning at all of their schools. There are currently 3 active cases at the high school, 2 active cases at Pine Street elementary, and there is 1 case at both the middle school and Mapleton elementary. The extra-curricular activities in the district have been monitored and some games have been moved to accommodate SAD 1 team as well as teams from other schools.   

Students, teachers, and parents are all struggling as the school year seems to be more confusing than it was in March 2020. This is not easy and people are at their wits end. Take a deep breath and figure out what works best for you and your family. We will update you on this situation as it develops.

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