It's no surprise that Congress' approval numbers have dropped significantly since the fiscal cliff debacle. But what's surprising is exactly how unpopular the legislative body has become. To put things in perspective, Congress is currently more unpopular than even the much-hated rock band Nickelback. Now that's saying something.

According to Public Polling Policy, which recently surveyed 830 American voters, 85 percent said they were unhappy with Congress, and found the lawmaking branch less popular than telemarketers, root canals, NFL replacement refs, lice, colonoscopies, political pundits, carnies, traffic jams, cockroaches, Donald Trump, France, Genghis Khan, used car salesmen and brussels sprouts. And yes, Congress is even worse than Nickelback, said participants. Ouch.

Still, it's not all bad news. According to PPP, people ranked Congress more popular than John Edwards, the Kardashians, lobbyists, North Korea, ebola, Lindsey Lohan, Fidel Castro, playground bullies, meth labs, communism and gonorrhea.

Um, we're not sure, but we think that's a compliment somehow. Either way, one thing is clear -- when you rank lower than the internet's most reviled band and only slightly higher than a STD, it's time for some serious damage control.

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