This elephant has a heart as big as its waist size.

An elephant in Thailand named Kham Lha raced -- or as close to racing as a pachyderm of this size can possibly move -- into the water when she mistook the shouts hello as a cry for help.

The man in question is Darrick Thompson, co-founder of the Save Elephant Foundation. He was simply going for a relaxing swim when he called out to Kham Lha, who promptly zipped into the water to lend a helping trunk.

Kham La is one of 70 elephants the charity has rescued and it seems more than obvious that she is intent on proving she can perform rescue operations just as well.

As Save Elephant says, "We believe that if we treat animals with love, the animal will paid back to us with love too." After watching this, we don't think we need any convincing.

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