Newly elected Maine Governor, Janet Mills, has put a call out to all Mainer's on Saturday, January 5, for those in Aroostook County to give back to their communities.

We caught up with Sherry Locke, Executive Director of United Way of Aroostook to get some ideas of what the Day of Service might look like for those of us in the County.

"Here in Aroostook County, we're really making it our own. We really want it to be a day of kindness. It can be something big or something small to really make a difference here in Aroostook County."

According to Locke, today doesn't have to be people giving something big to someone, but County residents can do things for others as well.

Locke recognizes that people in the County have given generously during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, therefore, she has outlined other ways for people to partake in the governors Day of Service.

Some small acts of kindness could be any of the following:

  • Donating gently used clothes that people have in their closets to a shelter or church closet
  • Shoveling a neighbors steps or sidewalk
  • Offering to take someone's empty cart and put it away for them in a supermarket parking lot
  • Donate a book to the book nook in the mall
  • Make a meal and take it to the Homeless Shelter of Aroostook

There is no end to the little acts of kindness that we can do here in the County in an effort to participate in Maine's Day of Service.

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