Matt Turnbull was a good kid, a genuine kid with a big heart.  For someone of his generation, he was the hardest working person I know.   That’s because he comes from a good family.  My heart aches for his family.  I don’t know many that were as close.  There is a hole that will never be filled.  Matt would say that somehow we must pick ourselves up and move on.


I’ll always have pictures and recordings of crazy things that we did.  I’ll always have those memories.  But he won’t be calling the station after hours saying “Can you let me in?”  He won’t be roaming the halls telling everyone he’s hungry and that we should order a pizza.  He won’t be laughing his stupid, immature, beautiful laugh.  He won’t be coming to me for advice on love, politics or religion.  I took those talks for granted and now I’ll miss them.

It was all for the show.  Matt Turnbull was my friend.  He was “Nameless the Intern.”  He was “Captain Outstanding.”  He was – there, anytime I needed him.  I gave him a hard time on the air on a daily basis, but every time we turned off the microphones we all laughed and one of us would say “that’s good radio right there.”  He would come in with ideas for how to make fun of him.  It was all for the show.  THAT show is over now.

“The sun’s gonna shine, the rain’s gonna fall – but nothing is as it seems.  ‘Cause we’re still here, as the world turns – And you’re off living the dream.”


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