New England Patriots

Drive Poll: Fill In The Blank – The Patriots Are…
I don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves now as we ride the thrill of a 3-game win-streak. After all, we're only just beyond the halfway point in the season. But what does the recent bump in form make you think this team's potential is for the rest of this year?
Maine YouTube TV Viewers May Not Get the Patriots-Bucs Game on Sunday
No biggie. Just the biggest regular-season game in the history of the NFL. Tom Brady, who spent 20 years and garnered six Super Bowl rings, comes back to Gillette to face his old team and the coach that many believe was the reason for his departure to become Florida Man. This is epic. Shakespearian. With the entire nation watching.
New England Patriots Super Bowl Hero Dead at 47
As the NFL season gets ready to kickoff next week the New England Patriots family will be recognizing the loss of a franchise legend. According to multiple reports, former New England Patriots wide receiver David Patten, has died at the age of 47.

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