I've been holding off on writing this post in hopes that Capital One would be a lot more proactive in letting the people effected know about the compromised data of it's customers. I have several Capital One cards, and I haven't heard a peep from the company. I had to find out about that hack on Twitter of all places! So I waited, and waited, and still they have not contacted me personally.  As of last night there is a small banner on the top of the home page that directs customers to a fact sheet and FAQ about the hack.

The company itself was notified about what it calls an "incident" back on July 17th. Since then, the Feds have arrested and charged the alleged hacker, Paige A. Thompson, a 33 yo woman who lives in Seattle and goes by the name "erratic" in hacking circles.

The fact sheet still doesn't say when consumers can expect to find out about whether our  information was compromised. Granted, there is not a federal law that requires Capital One to inform its customers within a specific timeframe however, it goes without saying that leaving customers in the dark concerning their data being hacked is not a good business practice.

And here lies the issue, once that hacked info is released online. It's gone! Duplicated, copied, and completely out of Capital Ones control to get a grip on the situation.

So at the very least Capital One, let us know if we are effected, se we can update and make the changes necessary to protect ourselves.

Rant over, but Im not a happy customer.

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