Those associated with the towns of Blaine, Mars Hill and Fort Fairfield are mourning the loss of a pillar of the communities. Someone so unique and special, he was known by one name, Chappy.

Via FFHS Hall of Fame

Chappy Clark was born in Fort Fairfield, and was child #13 out of 15, in total. He became known across the state as an athlete at Fort Fairfield High School, then at Husson University. When Chappy was in high school stats were not always kept at local schools. It wasn't until 2018 that Chappy was officially recognized as a 1,000-point scorer in high school. Thankfully, there was a team of researchers who were able to piece together the points puzzles for Chappy.

The Call from the Hall. Twice

There are not many people who can claim they were inducted into two Halls of Fame, but Chappy did hold the honor. He was a member of the Husson Hall of Fame and the Fort Fairfield High School Athletic Hall of Fame. This was the statement made on behalf of the FFHS Hall:

Man of many roles

As you can tell, Chappy impacted a lot of people in the central part of Aroostook County. He was a recreation director, town manager, coach, mentor, and friend to many children and families. Several comments across various social media pages consistently mention Chappy as a champion of kids. A quote you would always hear from him was "Kids are better than adults!". As I continue to mature, I know he was right. 

Here is Chappy with two of his favorites. Ryan and Myself


We can all take lessons from a life lived like Chappy's. I can say that with confidence because to me, Chappy was every one of those adjectives mentioned above, and a little more. He was a next-door neighbor, and he was family. I walked into the Blaine town office about 5 years ago and Chappy was on the phone telling a story to the person on the other end of the line, as he always would do. When I walked in, it triggered him to tell a story of a prank I had pulled off a few years earlier. As he laughed while telling the story he said “I've never been so proud, that's my cousin you know”. He was proud of that moment, but I know he was proud of me for many other reasons. We were all lucky to have known you, Chappy.

The full obituary of Chappy's life is here. You can look at the gallery below from the last time we had a typical high school basketball tournament. This gallery features 2 of Chappy's grandchildren who played that year. His granddaughter won the State Championship with Central Aroostook. First person on the court was Chappy...

Maine High School Basketball Tournament 2020

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