Students in Grade 4 at Cornerstone Christian Academy were recently assigned the task of writing a persuasive business letter for English class.  In the letter, the students were to persuade the business to make a change, fix a problem, or meet a request.

Cornerstone Christian Academy
Cornerstone Christian Academy

One student chose to write to Tractor Supply to ask the company to carry youth-sized gloves.  Sam McCrum says, “Tractor Supply is one of my favorite stores.”  In his letter, Sam described his need for leather gloves to wear in making hay and handling wire on his family’s farm.  He wrote, “I can never find gloves that fit me.  I am ten years old and I am in the fourth grade.  The gloves I find in your store are too big or too small.  All the gloves I can find are men’s and women’s or little children’s.”  Sam closed his letter by politely asking Tractor Supply to consider his request.  He addressed an envelope to Tractor Supply’s Customer Solutions Center in Tennessee and the letter was mailed along with his classmates’ letters to various other businesses.

Sam soon received a reply in the mail from Tractor Supply thanking him for the time he took to handwrite his letter.  The company agreed that the matter should be looked into and informed Sam that his letter had been forwarded to their buying department.  A few days later, a package arrived at Sam’s house.  When he opened the box, he found a letter from Jeff Schwoeppe, National Sales Manager for West Chester Protective Gear, a leading supplier of work gloves to Tractor Supply.  The buying department at Tractor Supply had asked Mr. Schwoeppe to help find gloves “just the right size” for Sam.  Also in the box were twelve pairs of youth-sized gloves, two hats, a couple of foam footballs, and several keychains.  Sam says, “I thought it was really cool so I’m going to be writing thank you notes to them.”  When asked what he will do with the gloves, Sam said, “I’m giving two pairs of them to two of my friends and I’m going to use the rest when I work with my Dad on our farm.”  Sam lives in Crouseville with his parents, Nicki and Troy McCrum, and three sisters.  The McCrums have six horses and two beef steers.

Sam’s teacher, Mrs. Jessica Thibeault, says, “It’s wonderful that Tractor Supply would respond in such a positive and generous way to a young student’s request.  I love that this company’s kind and thoughtful gesture has taught my students that the skills learned in class are important and can be put to good use in real life.  I am thankful that Sam had such a memorable experience!”

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