I'm just so consumed in this burnt piece of toast and the idiocy that this Maine man thinks he is going to get $25,000 for a piece of bread, that he thinks has a picture of Jesus on it.  To my surprise, I discovered it was up for bid yesterday on Ebay.  Bidding for this item has ended.  Guess what it sold for?

If you guessed Zilch, Nada, Zero, Bummkins, Nothing...then you would be 100% correct.  Seriously, though.  Now what?  Does he keep it?  Eat it?  Throw it out?  Well, maybe throwing it out would be bad juju.  I don't know.   I'm going to go through a bag of cheetos now and see if I can find any famous figures.

In other news, has the giraffe given birth yet?

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