Here we go again. Another round of funny, clever, profane and often completely inappropriate Maine vanity license plates.

This week's round was found by the King of Maine Vanity Plates...Morgan at Vanity of Maine. Morgan has spent hundreds of hours and taken thousands of pictures to bring you the best of the best.

If you're new to the Maine vanity plate chaos, know that in the Pine Tree State that you are allowed to put ANYTHING on your vanity plate-as long as you can get the job done in 7 characters or less.

Sure, just not while you're behind the wheel.


First off, great truck . And a very clever license plate, especially with this State that hosts a zillion tourists,


Um, can your mom and dad adopt me too?



I would love to know the real meaning behind this plate. Actually, maybe I don't.


Damn, I KNEW Satan would be driving a GT!



LOVE this one.

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